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Tuner Inc. - Dairy Equipment Done Right!
Turner Inc.
1905 E.  2000 S.
Gooding ID  83330
Office: 208-934-9542
Austin: 208-539-6439
Dudley: 208-731-5203
Shelby: 208-539-0322
Chuck: 208-539-6455
Dairy Equipment Done Right!
When Others Say We Can't, We Say We Can!!
Custom stall sizes, manual detachers, claw hangers, hose supports, and the list goes on!
 Call Turners for your custom parlor jobs today!
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Check out our Front Brisket conversions in our Picture Gallery for both Parallel and Herringbone Parlors.  We have converted WFS Stalls, Delaval StallsBoumatic Stalls, and many others.  We have designed adjustable bolt together conversion brackets to support your existing splash pans. Call us today let us help you get your years projects started today!
Turner's New Individual Indexing
Turner's New Stall
Jersey / Holstein
Turner's Jersey / Holstein Parallel is a great stall for both the BIG and small.
Many dairys have different size of cows and need a stall to fit them.  Turner's new stall does just that.
With up to 8" of indexing and a stall tall enough for holsteins yet low enough for jerseys this stall puts the cows where YOU need them. 
Turner Inc. - Custom Cabinets
Here is an example of some of the Custom Cabinets which are available through
Turners to fit any brand of equipment available.
Turner Inc. has been designing and manufacturing dairy parlor stalls for nearly 30 years.
We are committed to providing stalls that are simple, functional, and easy to maintain and repair.
With a variety of stalls we can meet your needs for remodels and new parlors.
We can custom design and manufacture your special needs projects.
Our 5 year warranty speaks volumes about our commitment to quality.
Please feel free to contact us anytime.  We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.
Austin Turner: 208-539-6439
Dudley Hensen: 208-731-5203
Turner Inc.
1905 E.  2000 S.
Gooding, ID  83330
Office: 208-934-9542
Chuck Turner: 208-539-6455
Shelby Scoffield: 208-539-0322